Nuvis heads-up display goes on sale across Europe

The first fully-integrated heads-up display available to the public costs £615

 Nuvis heads-up display goes on sale across Europe

IT WASN'T long ago that we could only dream of sci-fi, fighter-jet style technology in motorcycle helmets.

However, US/Finland-based start-up Nuviz has now made that dream a reality, with the launch of its fully-integrated heads-up display – the first of its kind available to the public.  

The device, which costs £615, mounts to the chinbar of full-face helmets, and displays an array of customisable information in the rider’s natural line of sight. It combines navigation, communication, camera and music functions in a user-friendly package and pairs with a dedicated Android/Apple app, allowing riders to play routes and save favourite ride, access photos captured on the device and view riding statistics captured by sensors in the unit.

A glove-friendly wireless handlebar also allows the rider to adjust the information they see while on the move.

Co-Founder of NUVIZ, Malte Laass, said: "We’re two-wheeled enthusiasts ourselves and wanted to develop a solution that not only enhances and simplifies the riding experience, but lays a foundation for the forthcoming technology revolution that will affect riders.”

Chief Design Officer of NUVIZ, Valtteri Eroma, added: “We know that there are many types of riders on many different kinds of machines.

"NUVIZ is designed for those riders who want to dial up or down the information they have access to – all while keeping their eyes ahead. Situational awareness is critical, and riders who appreciate this technology learn that it can enhance the ride without distracting from it.

"We expect that many touring riders, sportbike and adventure riders will appreciate the benefits of a head-up display added to their favorite full-face helmet."

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