New Sena 3S Plus Boom & 3S Plus Universal - 2021 low-profile headsets

The 3S Plus Boom and 3S Plus Universal are added to compliment the original Sena 3S lineup

Sena 3S Plus new 2021 headsets

SENA Technologies have done it again. If you’re into headsets, or have considered adding headsets to your moto-gadget lists, you’ll have come across Sena - it’s not even a question really, they seem to dominate the intercom market. 

Intercoms and headsets do seem to divide opinion, some say they are a vital bit of tech to keep you in easy contact with your riding buddies (or a passenger), whilst others say it's infringing on their right to privacy and peace on a ride. For me it's a bit of both, it's nice to be able to communicate directions and ride-changing information, but I do enjoy having that bit of solo-time on the bike which an intercom can take you out of.

The latest additions from Sena are updated with the latest in Bluetooth technology, which is now sitting at 4.1, to deliver HD audio through the intercom with enhanced range. The 3S Plus duo make use of voice prompts and smart pairing to make it that bit more user-friendly and intuitive, and can be paired with your smartphone for calls, GPS direction & music streaming.

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Intercom solutions for open-face and full-face helmets

Joining the Sena 3S range are two intercom systems:

The 3S Plus Boom is designed specifically for open-face helmets, so if you’re riding (probably scooting) around town it could be the perfect headset for you. Headset controls are on the microphone for ease of use, with a minimal and sleek design.

The 3S Plus Universal is just that - universal. It’s designed to be used with both open-face and full-face helmets, with an external 2-button control unit which attaches to the shell of your lid. 

Both devices from Sena work with HD 2-way audio up to 400 metres, which is around a quarter mile, filtering out wind and background noise using the Advanced Noise Control to make conversations that bit clearer. 

Setup of the two Sena 3S Plus devices should be nice and straightforward, with the Sena Utility app to help configure the device, and pair it up with other devices using their 'smart intercom pairing system' which uses scannable QR codes to instantly connect. 

If you're after a new intecom system for 2021, it's worth checking out the latest offering from Sena to see if it's exactly what you're after. The Sena 3S Plus Boom & Universal are both priced at £99 (including VAT), and you can find a Sena dealer using their dealer-locator.