New Haynes manual for BMW R nineT range

The classic DIY book now available to cover all the R nineT models.

Haynes RnineT manual

Okay, there's a lot of 'how-to' bike maintenance stuff on Youtube and das internett these days. But when it comes to the real nitty-gritty of a job, then a proper workshop manual is a real boon. If you're as old and withered as me, then you'll also remember when a Haynes manual was the only way to find out stuff like cam timing, torque settings and wiring diagrams. Factory manuals cost hundreds of pounds and the internet was a distant fantasy.

Haynes manuals are still a proper goldmine of facts, tips and techniques, and if you're planning any DIY servicing yourself, well worth the £20-odd quid they cost. Haynes has also moved into the modern era, with online material available for an annual fee.

Anyway. The good folk from Haynes have come out with a new manual, for the BMW R nineT range. It covers all five variants from 2014-18, the R nineT, Scrambler, Pure, Urban G/S and Racer (which is easy enough - all the models have fairly similar underpinnings). The printed manual is priced at £24.99, the book number is 6402, and the ISBN is 9781785214028.

It's available in all good book shops (!) and online, now. And if you've got an R nineT, we'd heartily recommend it!

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