MotoGP legend Schwantz gets the boot from Astars

The special limited edition 25th anniversary Alpinestars boot of course

Kevin Schwantz - Alpinestars

Every now and again, the passage of time hits you like a wet salmon across the face. Meeting the first workmate who was born in the 1990s was a bad one of course, and now we have the madness of the 25thanniversary of Kevin Schwantz’s 500GP title. Erk. That was only about 15 years ago surely?

Nope, 1993 was the year Schwantz-san scooped the 500 championship on the Suzuki RGV500 after years of being the nearly-man. It was an insanely popular result at the time, and as we saw with the Pepsi replica GSX-R1000 we showed at the weekend, Revvin' Kevin is still a man very close to biking’s heart. Especially in the UK, where his team was based.

What better way to celebrate then, than with a pair of new 34-logoed Supertech R Alpinestars boots? We can’t think of much. The Supertech R is the Adidas Predator of bike boots, an excellent design, with stacks of protection and performance, but not outlandishly priced, so within the reach of most of us. The Schwantz boot is in a bright red and yellow, not the blue and red and white we probably associate with Schwantz and his Suzuki days, but it is a nod to his later helmet paint scheme we reckon.

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