The iASUS Rekon Bluetooth headset is inspired by luxury timepieces

The new motorcycle Bluetooth system promises high-definition audio and up to ten hours of talk time

iASUS Rekon motorcycle helmet intercom

THE iASUS Rekon is a motorcycle Bluetooth headset with some interesting features included. While it does indeed carry out the functions of a normal motorcycle intercom, playing music, making and receiving calls and sat-nav directions, the Rekon also includes Push to Talk on Cellular (POC) meaning it’ll act just like a walkie talkie.

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The system has some advantages over a traditional pack-talk intercom system, thanks to its use of the cellular network and apps like Zello and ES Chat. Where other intercoms working in a bike-to-bike setting require a line of sight and close range to work properly, the Rekon uses the mobile network, meaning urban environments and open areas should no longer pose a problem.

And because the tech runs off the smartphone network, up to 6,000 users can be accommodated on one channel and the system offers an unlimited range between riders.

The REKON operates on Bluetooth 5.0 low energy, which is claimed to deliver 250 hours of standby with 10 hours of operation time. Hi-definition aptX and ADP2 wireless audio formats and the systems XSOUND 3 helmet speakers are also said to provide the rider with premium helmet audio on the go.

The iASUS Rekon is set to go on sale in spring 2020 – whether or not that launch will be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is not clear.

Pricing for the system is as yet TBC. For more information or to pre-order, head to:

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