Hevik launches Rock Dark R all-weather gloves

Got an all-new closure system, which will please American psychiatrists

Hevik launches Rock Dark R all-weather gloves

HEVIK has released details of a new all-weather glove, ominously called the Rock Dark R, which has an ‘outstanding closure system’.

The new glove, say Hevik, is a mixture of style and protection in a combination of leather and fabric with the addition of  rigid polycarbonate protection on the knuckles combining with soft reinforcements around the finger joints plus reflective inserts for increased visibility.

Hevik’s new closure system, which doesn’’t involve several sessions with an LA psychiatrist, is two non-slip straps, adjustable with hook and loop fastening: the main elasticated strap is located at the base of the gloves and is designed to adapt to the shape and thickness of a jacket sleeve and the secondary strap is located at the wrist.

Its main defence against the harshest of winters is the soft, warm internal thermal padding, while a special waterproof membrane makes riding more comfortable as hands are shielded from the rain.

The Rock Dark R gloves are available in sizes ranging from S to XXXL at a price of £45.90.

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