First look: Tucano Urbano Torpedo gloves

Smart shorty design with comfy textile and goatskin construction 

Tucano Urbano Torpedo gloves

We quite like Tucano Urbano’s kit here at VD – it has a different look and feel compared with some other brands. It is, of course, a brand which tends towards urban kit (though it is planning to expand its range outwards), and these shorty Torpedo gloves fit right into that. They look to be just the job for pulling on for a quick ride up town, or mild touring/commuting duties, with no massive cuff sections or clunky armour. They have touchscreen-compatible fingertips so you can use yer gizmos, incorporate subtle armour for knuckles and fingers, and boast a goat leather palm area for extra abrasion resistance.

They claim to be a full four-season design, with an 'OUTDRY' breathable membrane and polyester thermal lining material. A stretch outer shell and Neoprene cuff area adds comfort and gives a high quality feel while a suede visor wiper boosts practicality.

They’re not a budget item at £69.99, and we’ll be seeing if they perform accordingly over the next few months.

More info here.