First look - Givi S956B smartphone holder

Neat handlebar mount for your clever telefonino

Givi hone holder

It's a truism that we're all hardwired to our phones these days. And while riding your bike is one of the few times you can't constantly access the thing, sometimes you want to keep it handy – for tunes, radio, or when using it as a satnav.

I'm as guilty as the next man of phone addiction, and I do use Google Maps a lot for navigation. So a bike mount is an essential for me, especially on a longer journey. I've got an SW-Motech holder which I've been using for a few years now, but this Givi one looks well worth a try, and has some smart features. Firstly is the sunshade, which should help the main problem with my current holder – sunshine directly on the screen. The Givi holder also comes with a quick-release bracket, that easily attaches to handlebars or mirror stalks, and there's a safety lanyard for extra security too.

I've had a quick go with it, and it’s been pretty good so far. But the clear cover on the front doesn't sit completely taut against the screen, so it's a bit fiddly to operate the touch screen, especially with gloves. I'll no doubt get used to it. The other quibble I have is the supplied rain cover. They say this is to use in 'heavy rain', which I guess means the holder on its own isn't 100 per cent waterproof? But what constitutes heavy rain? Hmmm.

The main problem for me so far though is the clear shiny cover means it's very hard to photograph successfully...

I'll be trying out the snappily-named S956B over the next few months, and will report back on how she goes.

Street price of the S956B is around £40-50. More info here.