Expand your carrying capacity, with the Givi Seatlock saddle bag

Givi launches a load-carrying lifeline for sports bike riders with the ST610 Seatlock saddle bag

Givi Seatlock saddle bag

GIVI has launched a handy piece of kit allowing riders of sports bikes and super nakeds to travel light and rucksack-free as the ST610 Seatlock saddle bag is released.

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The general rule of thumb for sports and naked motorcycle riders is to pack light and carry as little as possible when out on the road. Heavy rucksacks put a strain on your shoulders, and tank bags on a sports bike can sometimes inhibit your movement on the bike.

So, it does beg the question, what do you do with the day-to-day detritus that we need to take with us when out on the bike?

Givi may have a solution to the problem, as the ST610 Seatlock saddle bag allows riders to quickly and conveniently fit a saddle bag boasting up to 10l of load-carrying capacity, all without affecting the overall dynamics of the bike.

Saddle bags are nothing new admittedly, although the ST610 stands out thanks to its locking mechanism that securely attaches the bag to your pillion seat. The system allows the bag to be removed quickly and easily, without faffing around with straps, instead you simply move the red lever, rotate the bag, and take it away with you.

If your pillion seat isn’t compatible with the unit – some single-seat bikes won’t be suitable – you can always use the ST610 as a neat expandable tank bag, using it with an existing compatible base unit if you have one.

The Givi ST610 Seatlock bag is available from £84.58 + VAT, with the GIVI S430 base retailing from £19.58 + VAT.

For more information, head to: www.givi.co.uk