Ultimate mood lighting: Brembo G Sessanta brake calipers can change any colour

Brembo marks its 60th birthday by launching the G Sessanta - brake calipers that can change colour from the comfort of your smartphone...

Brembo G Sessanta

Is there anything we can’t do with our phones? 

Whether we’re checking who is at the door, making sure the heating is on when we get home, watching Game of Thrones on the tube or, maybe, chatting to Mum, the average mobile is much less a phone but more of a necessary tool that we lose our minds over when we’re separated from it for more than a few minutes (if you’re under 30, anyway)

Naturally, there is a hive mind of technology built into these innocuous devices but even by the most superfluous standards, the latest innovation from Brembo is certainly gratuitous in an ‘answering a question nobody asked’ kind of way.

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Not that that is a bad thing since we as a society are told more about what we should want, rather than have products made because we want them.

Either way, it is Brembo’s 60th birthday (Buon Compleanno to Brembo!) and to celebrate it has developed the G Sessanta brake caliper for motorcycles that… light up!

Now, glowing brakes aren’t necessarily a good thing when you’re riding - especially if you’re on the road - but the sight of scorching disks are pretty cool if inadvisable for reasons that don’t need explaining.

As such, the Brembo G Sessanta ‘takes colour up to a whole new level’  by featuring LEDs that are controlled wirelessly. In layman's terms, you can download an app to change its hue in a variety of colours beyond the obvious red, such as blue, green and purple if you’re so inclined (the caliper lights up, not the disk it should be noted).

It looks smartly done but it does give us Tokyo Drift vibes which we will let you decide if that is a good or a bad thing. We won’t lie, we have visions of this equipped to a Hayabusa cruising Tokyo’s neon-infused streets after dark, while models like the Yamaha MT-09 with its red/orange rims would probably suit this perfectly.

No prices have been announced and since brakes/calipers aren’t normally among the parts high on the list for customisation, it remains to be seen whether this is an anniversary oddity or the next big thing in fettling. 

Our curiosity is sufficiently piqued though.