Competition Werkes to release Triumph Rocket 3 GP Slip-On Exhaust

The new system for the Triumph is said to save a lot of weight and it makes the Rocket 3 sound superb!

Triumph Rocket 3 Competition Werkes exhaust

FIRST ridden by Visordown at the end of last year, the 2020 Rocket 3 has been one of the biggest news stories of the 2020 new motorcycle launch season.

It is quite literally one of the biggest and most important motorcycles in the current Triumph range, with the only thing that many would-be owners felt was missing was an aftermarket exhaust system.

Triumph Rocket 3 video review

Until now, the only option you had for a fruitier noise from the already lovely sounding stock exhaust, was to get in the queue for the now sold out Rocket 3 TFC and its Arrow system.

Well, it looks like the finally the wait for an aftermarket exhaust for the Triumph Rocket 3 is nearing the shelves, as Competition Werkes claim to be days away from slotting their road-legal system onto the virtual shelves as they ready it for sale.

The new system still utilises the hydroformed manifold of the original machine because, why would you want to lose that, but the large underslung collection box is now no more, with the large, oval outlet pipes being replaced with smaller, GP style silencers.

There sadly aren’t any supporting data relating to how much weight the new system will save over stock, with Competition Werkes simply stating it saves “pounds (and pounds and pounds) of weight”. Given that the new system looks to have done away with a large amount of metalwork and possibly the catalytic converter, the new, svelte looking system could be the ideal way to shed some kilograms from the 165hp machine.

What does the Competition Werkes exhaust on the Triumph Rocket 3 sound like?

In a short clip posted on the Competition Werkes Instagram page, we get a fairly good idea of how the bike will sound once the system is fitted. It’s clear while the rider is blipping the throttle that the good-natured and slightly woolly growl of the stock bike is long gone. With the new bike fitted the bike has a more menacing bark sounding almost as if pretty much all of the sound deadening material from within the exhaust has been ditched.

We like it. We like it a lot!

To keep up to date with when the exhaust is available, head to the Competition Werkes website here.