Beeline Moto launches neat new navigation tool

The £149 kickstarter project was funded in just 10 hours

Beeline Moto launches neat new navigation tool

EVER found yourself torn between sense and satnav, with your brain telling you one route, and your cluttered satnav another?

Startup Beeline is aiming to put an end to that problem with a new navigation system that guides bikers using just a simple arrow (and a series of complicated algorithms behind the scene).

At £149, the Beeline Moto is similar to a product the company already offers for cyclists, but adds motorcycling features including turn-by-turn route guidance and better mounting mechanisms.

It connects to your phone and algorithms use sensors including a gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer to establish location and point the rider in the right direction, with updates every half-second. The waterproof device has 30 hours of rechargeable battery life and displays information including journey progress and distance to next turn on the 30mm diameter screen.

“Whereas the original cycling product simply pointed you at the end destination, like a compass, Beeline Moto gives the option of full route guidance,” Beeline co-founder Mark Jenner told Wired.

“It still uses the arrow to follow, but now steering you along a precise route, which can be set up in a few taps on the phone. Compass mode is still available for off-road riding.

The kickstarter was launched on June 26 and within 10 hours had reached its £37,794 ($50,000 USD) goal. It’s now on almost £50,000.