Alpinestars announce the Tech-Air 5 standalone airbag jacket

Motorcycle clothing giants Alpinestars launch the Tech-Air 5, an airbag vest that can be worn under any jacket

alpinestars tech-air 5

ALPINESTARS has announced the company's first standalone airbag system that they claim can be worn under any ‘proper fitting’ textile or leather motorcycle jacket.

The new Tech-Air 5 vest comes with an active electronic system that features six integrated sensors (3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers) and a crash algorithm that uses AI to accurately monitor when to deploy the airbag in the event of a crash. Alpinestars claim that after analysing the crashes of the world’s top MotoGP riders, and Alpinestars customers, the system can detect a crash and activate with a maximum inflation time of 20 to 40ms to protect the rider. They also claim that impact absorption while wearing the airbag results in a decrease of the impact force by up to 95% compared to a passive protector.

To activate the system, the rider must zip up the vest and close the magnetic flap at the collar of the jacket, closing this will complete the circuit and arm the system, ready to ride. The vest is powered by a lithium-ion battery which Alpinestars claim has a battery life of 30 hours of riding time.

The Tech-Air 5 is also Bluetooth equipped, allowing riders to connect the system to the Tech-Air App. This will show the user the vest’s charge, operational status and also detailed analysis of the ride.

the new vest means Alpinestars and Dainese now lead the charge of the big motorcycle clothing manufacturers in the wearable airbag game, with the new Tech-Air 5 going head-to-head with the Dainese Smart Jacket airbag vest system.

The Tech-Air 5 vest will be available in March 2020 and pricing is set at $699.95.

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