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Ducati launch the Lenovo Ducati 5 laptop

Ducati and tech company Lenovo have teamed up to create the Ducati Corse Laptop

DUCATI are masters of cent of marketing value from their merchandise. From sunglasses to £4k electric mountain bikes; if they can slap their branding on something and sell it at a premium, they will! And now you can supercharge your internet to MotoGP speeds (or maybe just to the amount your broadband supplier will allow) with the Lenovo Ducati 5.

The design of the product is supposed to look and perform like a motorcycle, claim Lenovo, so it can only be a matter of weeks before we see this thing at the pointy end of the trackday fast group! It features a 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, 8GB of memory and 1TB SSD for storage. A fingerprint reader is included, which is back up by the Windows Hello software for ease of use. Lenovo also claim that the Ducati 5 will hit up to 12 hours of battery life and features a rapid-charge option for “speedy pit stops” – we should probably remind Lenovo that we don’t really have pit-stops in MotoGP… Sorry, am I being pedantic?

Ducati MotoGP sponsor Lenovo also claim that the item mimics the styling of Ducati’s premium sportsbikes like the Panigale (although we don’t really see it to be honest), with its sleek lines and metallic finish. Lenovo's traditional circular air holes have been replaced with honeycomb-shaped air vents, to match Ducati's Monster frame design apparently. And the Laptop is finished with a Ducati-style red racing stripe that wraps the entire machine.

 The limited-edition Lenovo Ducati 5 will be available in April in select markets and starts at £767.

Things you could buy instead of the Lenovo Ducati 5 laptop:

  • European trackday
  • A full set of slick and wets on rims for your trackday bike
  • ACU licence training
  • A real Ducati Monster project
  • A lifetime supply of beans
  • Some common sense

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