Akrapovic system offers 8bhp gain for 2009 R1

Take your R1 up to 165bhp. If it's good enough for Ben Spies, it's probably almost good enough for us...

2009 R1 ... Save 8kg and add 8bhp with Akrapovic

AKRAPOVIC have long been the brand to beat and it seems they're not giving the competition an easy time with their new exhausts systems for the 2009 Yamaha R1.

Akrapovic have released two systems; Racing and Evolution. The racing headers are made from stainless steel and the Evolution headers are made entirely of high-grade titanium.

The full system is claimed to raise peak power from 161.6hp @ 12,430rpm to 165.7hp @ 12,460rpm but mid-range power gains 7.8hp @ 5900rpm. Excellent gains are made in the vital 5000rpm to 8000rpm range. The full system saves 2.62kg over the stock system while the all titanium Evolution system betters the stock system by more than 4kg.

The slip on cans are available in titanium or carbon-fibre with an optional Y type link pipe made of conical titanium tubes that help to produce more power and torque than the slip on can alone.

The cans with the optional link pipe provide big gains between 4500 and 6500rpm with another healthy boost from 7000rpm through to 8500rpm. Peak power improves from 161.6hp @ 12,430rpm to 164.2hp @ 12,410rpm with the biggest gain of 5.1hp made at 6000rpm. The cans and link pipe also weighs 4kg less than the standard set-up.

There's also a road-legal version available in titanium or carbon-fibre, they add an extra 2.4hp at the upper end of the tachometer while also providing a useful boost throughout the entire rev range.

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