AGV unveils world first fully carbon flip front lid

Although it's not yet available in the UK

AS IT celebrates the 70th anniversary of its first helmet AGV has launched the Sportmodular, setting a new standard in the world of flip front lids.

The Italian manufacturer has combined the practicality of a ‘modular’ helmet with the safety, compactness, aerodynamic design and low weight of a MotoGP helmet. At just 1,390g, the Sportmodular is the very first helmet in the world made entirely of carbon fibre - including the chin guard.

Every aspect of the helmet, including the 190-degree panoramic visor, passed AGV Extreme Standards testing protocol, while thousands of hours of wind tunnel development promise to make it incredibly quiet and well-ventilated.

Other features of the new helmet include a patented reversible cuff with warm and cool sides, AGV’s Visor Lock System (VLS), an anti-scratch internal sun visor and a Titanium Double D retention system.

“For us, safety means being at the forefront of knowing how the needs of motorcycle riders are evolving,” said Cristiano Silei, CEO of the Dainese Group.

“Sportmodular is a revolutionary helmet created for today’s motorcycle riders who want safety, comfort, performance and sporty design, all in one helmet. After all, we only have one head.”

The Sportmodular is available in the US in seven different colour options for $749. It’s expected in the UK soon.