2018 Roadrace season review book launched

Hardback annual review book covering TT, UGP, NW200 and Macau GP, on pre-order now

Roadracing annual cover

LOVE THE road racing? Don't we all! And now you can pick up a season review, in hardback form, which covers the four big road races - Isle of Man TT, Ulster GP, North West 200, and the Macau GP.

Written by self-confessed road race geek and the Official TT Programme editor Stuart Barker, the book has in-depth race reports, results and exclusive features, plus interviews with the sport’s biggest stars. The book's also packed with spectacular, glossy images from the best road race photographers in the business.

There's even a foreword by 2018 Senior TT winner and outright TT lap record holder, Peter Hickman (above), so it's proper 'from the horse's mouth' stuff.

The book's obviously not finished yet (even a genius like Barker has to wait for the Macau GP to actually happen before he can write about it...) But it's now available for pre-order and at just £30, the book will make 'the perfect Christmas gift for the road race fan in your life...'

Pre-order the book here on Amazon, or telephone 01624 696565 if you hate Jeff Bezos!


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