Brembo releases MotoGP brake calipers for the road...

GP4-MS calipers have dust seals so are suitable for road use

Brembo GP4-MS caliper

BREMBO HAS pretty much taken over the top end of the brake components world these days. From MotoGP to BSB, Ducati to BMW, its brakes are everywhere. No surprise really - it makes excellent stuff.

And now the Bergamot firm has ratcheted things up a bit, with these GP4-MS GP calipers for the road. They're machined-from-solid monobloc chappies, with four 30mm pistons, so will properly do the business. Brembo claims it's the first time it's built a machined monobloc calipers - these have generally been cast in the past. Machined monobloc calipers will flex less, so transmit more of the braking force into the pads, and also cope better with heat. Radial design adds even more stiffness, and they have a sweet, sweet nickel coating.

The real difference is inside though - the firm's added dust seals, so the calipers can be used in almost-normal road conditions. The GP4 calipers for race use don't have these dust seals so need careful maintenance if used on the road. The fitting kit comes with sintered road/track pads, as well as the pins and clips needed for fitting. They're also compatible with the firm's legendary Z04 track pads.

No price as yet - but your favourite Brembo dealer or distributor will be more than happy to help we imagine!