Yamaha XSR900 confirmed

Big brother to the XSR700 coming soon

YAMAHA has effectively confirmed it is set to launch an MT-09-based retro-style machine in the mould of the XSR700.

It hinted at the bike a week ago when it teased a new ‘Faster Sons’ one-off, in Kenny Roberts colours and designed by Roland Sands. The XSR700 was also previewed with a special one-off that was revealed under the Faster Sons tag line.

However, the final confirmation that the XSR900 is real comes in the fact that Yamaha has now applied for trademarks on the name and registered a whole crop of web domains including yamaha-xsr900.com, yamahaxsr900.com and xsr900.com, as well as their .net, .us and .org derivatives.

What will it be like? Well, if you put the tank, seat and headlight from the XSR700 on the chassis and engine of an MT-09, you’re unlikely to be far from the mark.

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