Is the Yamaha Tracer line-up to grow with a new entry-level ‘250’ range?

Clues suggest the Yamaha Tracer is heading for India, which likely means a new entry-level version that could also expand European range

Yamaha Tracer 7

The popular Yamaha Tracer range could be about to gain another addition after filings revealed the firm has put the name for trademark in India, suggesting a new variant of tourer-cum-adventure bike is on the way.

While this may not seem ‘breaking news’, what isn’t necessarily significant at face value becomes more interesting when you break down its potential significance 

At the very least, it appears to confirm the Yamaha Tracer will be going on sale in India, which based on sales achieved in Europe and the US begs the question as to why it wasn’t available in the world’s largest motorcycle market already.

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So far, so logical… except for the fact the Tracer we know and loved reviewing very recently is currently offered in 7 and 9 guise (700cc and 900cc), which is at odds with the current Yamaha India range.

Indeed, Yamaha focuses its resource on driving volume out of its popular and familiar model lines, such as the MT and R ranges, but caps the engine size to nothing more than 250cc - though you might get lucky with an R1 if you sweet talk your dealer.

Which brings many to the conclusion the Tracer is coming and it will adopt a similar strategy in being offered with something rather more pint-size than its base 700cc guise.

It would seem a logical step for Yamaha to try replicate the success of its recognisable MT and R ranges by bringing wider attention to the Tracer nameplate, which has proven a huge success for the company in Europe with its multifaceted blend of long-distance touring refinement and capable ability in the rough stuff in a reliable and handsome package.

That’s not to say the Tracer will be definitely be pegged with a 250cc engine with options to take it up to 300cc or maybe 400cc without overpricing it in India.

A slightly larger engine than that might therefore present an opportunity for Yamaha to adapt it for European tastes and expand the Tracer line-up to take on the popular and acclaimed Honda CB500X.

When you see how Yamaha has created and marketed its stepped R and MT ranges that climb from 125 > 3 > 7 > 9 > 1/10 it isn’t a stretch to think this could be adopted for the Tracer too.

And, since we’re playing devil’s advocate for a moment, this same logic could be applied to one of our big favourites, the Tenere… but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.