Yamaha at the Tokyo Motor Show

That's all, folks...

WHEN we saw Yamaha's pre-show releases – the XTW250 Ryoku and Y125 Moegi, plus a couple of electric mopeds – we guessed that the firm had something more spectacular up its sleeve that it was holding back to reveal at the show itself.

We guessed wrong. The XTW250 is pretty much it as far as 'proper' concept bikes are concerned.

Having said that, it's an intriguing little thing. Basically a production XT250 Serow with JCB-inspired bodywork, little details like the cooling fans either side of the engine are neat touches.

The Y125 Moegi, which looks like a bicycle but packs a 125cc single, is an interesting idea but clearly more a designer's showcase than a production possibility.

Elsewhere there's an electric bicycle and an electric trike, and Yamaha has wheeled out last year's Super Tenere Worldcrosser concept once again, but compared to the concept bike fests that previous Tokyo shows have been, this year is a damp squib.