Voxan Wattman electric power cruiser announced

The new Voxan Wattman boasts 110 miles range, 200bhp and a six-second 0-100mph time

Voxan Wattman

WITH electric motorcycle now becoming a focus for many mainstream manufacturers, the smaller, more niche manufacturers around the world are having to seriously up their game to stay in touch.

Kawasaki, Honda, Harley-Davidson, and now even Suzuki are all looking to an electric future, and with their millions in the bank, the rate of development in the two-wheeled EV sector is set to see a massive jump in terms of range, recharge time and riding experience.

One company looking to get the jump on the established brands in Voxan, the electric two-wheeled manufacturer owned by Gildo Pallanca Pastor, who also owns the French sports car maker Venturi.

Its latest machine, the Wattman, is an innovative take on the electric motorcycle concept, that features a few never before seen elements and design features.

The most interesting of which seems to be a kind of chassis exoskeleton, that sees outer frame and bodywork elements link together to form the backbone of the machine. As this type of structural design is becoming common in sports car design, it’s likely that the technique has been inspired by some of Venturi’s four-wheeled exploits.

The battery is encased in sleek looking aluminium panels that link together with the motor casing, creating a smooth yet strong exterior to the bike that does more than just look good. Beneath the panels lies a 12.8kWh battery pack, good for a claimed 110 miles, and capable of powering the Wattman to 200bhp and over 100mph.

The motor is Voxan’s own design and build, featuring permanent magnets and liquid cooling. Along with 200bhp, the maker’s claim the Voxan has arm-wrenching 200Nm (147lb-ft) of torque.

Keeping to the cruiser aesthetic, and no doubt helping to deliver the massive torque to the ground, the Wattman features a 240mm rear tyre and a whopping 1705mm wheelbase.

The while the range of the new machine isn’t ground-breaking in the two-wheeled EV sector, the recharge time is, with the company claiming 80% in around 30-mins from a level 2 charger. Plug it into your home supply though and it’ll take most of the day to recharge.

Voxan Wattman specs


 Electric Power Cruiser (single seater)

Battery Technology

 Lithium Ion Nominal voltage: 320 V Energy: 12.8 kWh


 Permanent magnet motor Max. power: 200 CV (from 7500 rpm to 10500 rpm) Max. torque: 200Nm (from 0 to 6000 rpm) Max. motor speed: 10 500 rpm Liquid cooled

Transmission Primary drive

 Direct drive gear Final drive: 35mm timing belt

Body Frame

 Structural battery packaging and self-supporting motor casing

Front Suspension

 43mm inverted fork 90mm front wheel travel

Rear Suspension

 Dual swingarms, dual shock absorbers, 95mm rear wheel travel


 Carbon Front 3.5”x18” Rear 8.5’’x18’’


 Michelin Commander II Front 130/70/18 Rear 240/40/18

Front Brakes

 4 discs (230mm diameter) 4 piston calipers (Beringer 4D System)

Rear Brakes

 Disc (230mm diameter) 2 piston caliper (Beringer)

Performance Max Speed

 170 km/h 0-100 km/h: 3.4 s 0-160 km/h: .9 s

Range and recharge

 180 km (according to NEDC standard cycle) Charging time: < 30 minutes (quick charge at 80%)

Charger plug

 Combo 2 2kW on-board charger, enabling charging in all domestic sockets


 LCD screen on handlebars


 ABS - Traction Control Various drive mapping options


 Length: 2350 mm Height: 1015 mm Width: 815 mm Seat Height: 750 mm Ground Clearance: 100 mm Wheelbase: 1705 mm Caster Angle: 32°


 350 kg