Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle announced with hidden superpower!

The American-made Volcon Grunt is an off-road bike with balloon tyres and a hidden super-power!

Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle

THE Volcon Grunt has been announced and it’s a balloon tyred off-roader that we didn’t know even know we needed!

It’s an electric machine but, don’t let that put you off. As we found out while riding the excellent Electric Motion EPure last month, if there is one place an electric motorcycle makes sense, it’s off-road!

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The company behind the bike is based in Texas and was founded to create off-road vehicles for hunters, ranchers, and general outdoor enthusiasts. It has a foot of ground clearance thanks to those huge tyres, and can carry you up to surprising 100 miles. The recharge time is good too, with the machine going from flat to full on a home charge in a reported two hours!

It’s powered by a 50hp motor that produces 75lb-ft of torque and is capable of a handy 60mph – something it can reach in just six seconds! Adding to the machine’s real-world usability is the option to swap out dead batteries while still in the field. The Grunt’s power packs are simple to remove and can be swapped in a few minutes with the use of only minimal tools.

The biggest draw of the machine though is the ability for the Grunt to be ridden while completely submerged in water. The use of brushless motors and waterproof controllers and switchgear means the Grunt really can plumb new depths. And ones that petrol-powered motorcycles could never reach.

The price for the Volcon Grunt is $5,995.

For more information, head to:volcon.com