Voge launches Valico 300 Rally in Italy, will it come to the UK?

Voge has launched the 300 Rally - a more off-road-focused version of the road-going 300DS adventurer - in Italy, with improved performance.

Voge 300 Rally. - Voge

Voge has launched the rally version of its 300cc adventure bike, the 300DS, in Italy.

The rally version of the Voge 300DS is called, conveniently, the 300 Rally, and features the same engine design as the DS. 

That means the 292cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, DOHC, four-stroke, Voge YF300 engine. However, where this engine produces 19kW (25.9 horsepower) in the 300DS, for the 300 Rally it pumps out 21kW, or 28.6 horsepower. 

Like the 300DS, the Rally features a steel tubular frame, but when we get to the suspension we find more differences. A fully-adjustable rear monoshock, and upside down forks at the front, yes, but for the Rally the forks are now 37mm, rather than the 35mm of the DS.

Like the rear suspension, the rear brake of the Rally is the same as the DS, with a 220mm disc. But, at the front the Rally’s rotor is reduced from the 300mm we see on the DS to 265mm, while the front wheel grows from 17 inches on the DS to 21 inches on the Rally; and the rear wheel from 17 inches to 18 inches.

The Rally is also slightly longer, slightly wider, and slightly taller than the DS, while the wheelbase is five millimetres shorter. The seat height is one of the biggest dimensional changes for the 300 Rally compared to the DS, as it sits at 905mm instead of 810mm.

Voge has also made the Rally (150kg) nine kilograms lighter than the DS (159kg), while the fuel tank is five litres smaller at 11 litres. This is less problematic than it initially seems, since the Rally (31km/l) will go one kilometre longer on a litre of fuel than the DS (30km/l). 

In Italy, the Voge 300 Rally is available only in the Lemon Yellow colour, and retails for €4,190, which equates to around £3,600. But, as yet, there are no definitives on when the 300 Rally will arrive in the UK. The 300DS, for example, is also not available currently in the UK, so perhaps the Rally will not arrive at all.

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