Video: Husqvarna 900

Real spy or clever marketing? Does it matter?

Video: Husqvarna 900

THIS video showing the new Husqvarna 900 on test near BMW's factory in Germany gives the first glimpse of the F800GS-based supermoto in action.

Supposedly a spy video, it's probably actually part of BMW's carefully orchestrated effort to gain maximum pre-publicity for the bike, coming just a week or so after the first “spy” photos. Perhaps it's just us, but does it seem strange that the vid – shot in Germany on what looks like one of the roads near BMW's Munich factory – has been posted by an Italian who's other videos are all about Husqvarnas? Or maybe the endless teaser campaigns by virtually every bike firm on the planet (including Husqvarna itself – see are just making us cynical.

Not that it matters. The video clearly reveals the bike's F800GS-derived engine, plus the fact it shares the BMW's frame and swingarm. New upside-down forks ending with radial caliper brakes adorn the front and the styling is unusual and distinctive (we'll be polite until we've seen the finished article). It looks like the bike's builders have taken the idea of 'camouflage' quite literally with a mottled grey scheme that's reminiscent of Panzer tanks...

What do you think, real spy video or viral marketing? And more importantly, do you prefer the drip-feed of information coming from manufacturers these days or the surprise launches of the past?

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