Updated Yamaha MT-09 for 2021 announcement due next week!!

Yamaha begin teaser campaign for the incoming 2021 Yamaha MT-09 Euro5 replacement

Yamaha MT-09 teaser video

YAMAHA has begun a new teaser campaign for what we think is the updated 2021 MT-09. It’s short, flashy and doesn’t give too much away – but there are some clues within as to what is coming next year.

Yamaha MT-09 video review

Yamaha MT-09 2016 review | Visordown road test

Firstly, it looks as though the bike is set to gain a restyled front end, with the easiest to decipher clip showing a single front headlight flanked by angled LED strips that could double up as DRLs (Daytime Riding Lights). And if Yamaha is changing the front, it seems likely that the rest of the bike is set for a similar level of revamp.

Another image that flashes up on the screen for no more than a second is of a piston and conrod, floating up from beneath some kind of black, viscous fluid. This seems to point to the internal engine changes we reported on last month. The theory is that the MT-09 is swelling from 847cc to 890cc. While this is likely to bring some performance benefits, reports suggest output of around 120bhp as opposed to 114bhp, the bulk of the increase will be aimed at accomplishing Euro5 compliancy without any drop in power.

With the advent of the new model, we will likely see not just one but two new machines. The MT-09 SP has been a hugely successful part of the MT range and one Yamaha will be keen to see live on. With that in mind, except a spicy version of the bike with tricked up Öhlins shock and Kayaba forks joining the range either at launch or shortly after.

We won’t have to wait long to get the inside line on the new machine, as Yamaha will reveal all in on 27th October at 11am.