Triumph TE-1 Prototype | Live Testing Phase Begins

The first electric motorcycle produced by Triumph has hit a milestone today, as the bike begins the next phase of live testing development

Triumph TE-1 Prototype | Live Testing Phase Begins

THE first all-electric motorcycle to wear the Triumph name has turned an important corner today, as the TE-1 prototype is officially handed over to the factory to commence live shakedown testing.

The TE-1 project is formed of a collaboration between Triumph in the UK, Williams Advanced Engineering, and WMG at the University of Warwick. While the bike is not a production model that consumers will be able to go out and buy in years to come, it is a testbed for future technologies and allows the three groups to gain experience of this new sector of two-wheeled transport.

This milestone marks the end of the collaboration stage of the TE-1 project, with WMG and Williams now officially handing the bike over to Triumph to allow the Hinckley factory to get to work doing what they do best, live testing of the motorcycle.

Many of the elements that the team from Hinckley will now undertake will be familiar to them, although as this is the first electric motorcycle to wear the Triumph name, much of it will be new. The first list of tasks includes calibrating the various rider controls of the bike, including throttle mapping, power, and torque mapping, and checking over the bike’s onboard systems.

After that, the really exciting work begins, with the bike’s handling, acceleration, braking (including regenerative braking), traction control, and wheelie control all set to be checked on a closed circuit.

Speaking about this exciting project, Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer, said:

“During phase 3 we have focused on building the physical foundation of Triumph’s first electric prototype motorcycle. I am pleased with the outcome of Triumph and the TE-1 partners’ efforts in creating a demonstrator bike that is not only visually so desirable with clear Triumph DNA but also packaged with an exhilarating and thrilling brand-new electric powertrain that has such potential for the future.

“I look forward to continuing the development of this demonstrator vehicle through phase 4 and using our knowledge and capabilities to bring all of the partners’ cutting-edge technology together into a final result which will guide Triumph’s electric strategy for the future. Our experience tells us that at this stage of a project there is no substitute to genuinely riding a bike when developing driveability, handling and character, and we have ambitious targets focused on delivering a riding experience that is new and exciting, but ultimately intuitive and familiar. I am really looking forward to my first opportunity to ride the completed prototype.”

Triumph TE-1 Prototype

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