Triumph announce 2021 Street Scrambler and Sandstorm Limited Edition

2021 Triumph Street Scrambler receives Euro 5 updates, premium finishes and touches, with the Sandstorm Limited Edition bringing even more flair to the streets

Triumph Street Scrambler 2021

TRIUMPH has today announced updates to the popular Street Scrambler line, taking the 900cc Scrambler to the Euro 5 table and coming away with a stylish scrambler with no loss in power or style - it’s still as torque-happy as ever. We also get a first look at the Sandstorm limited edition model!

We were invited along to the Triumph Hinckley headquarters for a chat with Miles Perkins, and were able to find out what’s been updated for the 2021 model, and the history behind the Sandstorm edition. 

Since its launch in 2017, Triumph has built 13,700 of these units, with 80% leaving dealers fitted with modifications. This line is clearly extremely popular, and routinely customised, and eternally stylish - but what’s new with the Street Scrambler in 2021? 

Triumph Street Scrambler 2021 updates

As with every new release nowadays, Triumph has met the Euro 5 emissions regulations by adjusting the motor, I spoke to Miles Perkins at Triumph and it was noted that there are two ways a manufacturer can achieve the necessary emissions goals - either adjusting the tune to limit the power and therefore total emission output, or adjust the internals with precious metals, air intakes and cleaner running methods. 

Triumph went for the latter option, a slightly more costly approach but one that doesn’t reduce the power or feel of the motor unit, something that would dampen the overall quality of the ride. It’s still the high-torque 80Nm at a low 3250 rpm, with peak power of 64.1 BHP at 7250 rpm - perfect for hitting the back roads, with 3 rider modes to select from depending on your mood. 

Weight is up a touch (+3kg) from last year, and fuel consumption has been upped ever so slightly, but I’m not sure you’ll notice either a great deal on the roads. As for A2 riders, fitting the A2 restrictor kit (APS Twist Kit and Engine Tune) brings the peak power to 46.9 BHP @ 7000 rpm, and 78.5 NM @ 3200 rpm, with full power easily restored by a dealer once needed. 

It's still the twin that we know and love, and comes with the signature high scrambler exhaust that defines the Scrambler style on the road, with matching exhaust note - something that turns heads wherever you find yourself, street or track.

Some may say an emissions update isn’t quite enough for a new model, but for Triumph to achieve this standard without reducing the power from the previous model is an achievement. Giving the bike some extra character with premium parts is a bonus, too.

To list those shiny new parts, there is a new: side panel with a number board, heel guard, adventure seat, throttle body, headlight brackets - they all give the 2021 edition a touch of higher quality, particularly the new adventure seat which really does look the part. The standard model comes in Urban Grey, Matt Khaki & Matt Ironstone, and Jet Black, available in dealers from July at £9,300 - a slight price increase which is down to the engine changes.

Interesting fact, the Urban Grey paint work was first made for showing the Scrambler at the NEC a couple of years ago, and was so widely requested as a future paint option that Triumph decided to get it on this Street Scrambler.

Triumph Scrambler Sandstorm Edition

If you’re after Limited Edition with a touch more scrambler style, the Sandstorm edition gives a 1-in-775 flavour, available a month earlier in dealers in May at £9,900. 

The Sandstorm edition emulates the 60s scrambler factory special, with a historic bloodline, and is given some of the popular accessories that Street Scrambler owners will be looking for, including a higher front mudguard, sump guard, tail tidy, headlight grille, and knee pads fitted on the tank.

Considering you’re getting a load of premium & popular accessories thrown in, a unique colourway and a 1-in-775 model (with a certificate with VIN on it), the extra £600 doesn’t look so bad. I'd be quick on the trigger if considering the Sandstorm, deposits can be taken as of right now (for both models).

We should be getting a Street Scrambler a bit later on this year for review, so keep your eyes peeled for our thoughts on it.
Head to Triumph if you want to find out more, or to find your local dealer if you’re interested.