Snatch a glimpse of the finished Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Royal Enfield drops a cheeky little 'Christmas egg' with a glimpse at the new Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 in a video detailing its South Pole adventure

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

There are some films that you sometimes just have to watch twice because you missed out on some key details the first time… and while this clip from Royal Enfield isn’t exactly The Sixth Sense, as it transpires we DID actually miss something rather important when we watched and ran it yesterday.

More than that, we were even looking for an 'easter egg' as well for we thought this film, during which two members of the Indian firm’s top level team conquer a trip to the South Pole on a pair of Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles, might give us a glimpse of the much-rumoured-now-confirmed 650cc version of the charming adventure bike.

While that remains for the future, we in fact did originally miss arguably something even better - the finished Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650.

It is only a brief moment in the film - which you can view below - but at 0.33secs mark, Dean Coxson is seen walking into an impressive Royal Enfield-brimmed garage, which we guess is one of the benefits of being the firm’s Senior Engineer, and we catch a glimpse of a Meteor, the no-nonsense classic roadster that has been available in 350cc form since the start of the year.

Look a little closer though and you’ll spot that isn’t a 350cc engine sprouting beneath it… that we spy is the twin-cylinder 650cc engine better known for its performance in the equally popular Interceptor and Continental GT twins.

#90South | Royal Enfield South Pole adventure

News this may be but we have been expecting this. Royal Enfield is full of ambition as it branches out from its domestic Indian home base into global markets where larger engines generally mean larger profits.

Moreover, the marrying of the Meteor, which has been a sales success both at home and in the UK, with the 650cc engine - which in the Interceptor sees it classified as the fourth best-selling +125cc motorcycle in the UK - makes excellent business sense.

We even got a hint of what to expect during EICMA with the Royal Enfield SG650 concept cruiser but this is a first view of what is expected to be the finished product.

While the SG650 name makes us wonder whether this is the moniker it will adopt or it will revert to the otherwise reported ‘Super Meteor’ branding, either way it looks like we will be getting the finished product very soon.

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