Scrambler Hashtag – the Ducati you buy online

Your basket contains one hipster motorcycle

HOW do you sell a motorcycle to millennials who buy everything through a screen?

The answer might well lie in a new online-only Ducati model dubbed the Scrambler Hashtag.

No, really. That’s its name.

Ducati has just dropped a teaser video for the new bike, which will be revealed and go on sale on February 19th.

Initially at least, it will only be sold in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Which makes one wonder why the teaser video is in English, with an American-accented voiceover?

The idea of selling bikes online isn’t a new one; there have been plenty of limited-editions with online ordering processes in the past. But we reckon this is the first we've seen to make its online-only status a central marketing point.