Revealed: New Yamaha MT-07

New middleweight parallel-twin to take on Kawasaki ER-6N

THIS is Yamaha's new MT-07, revealed in Milan tonight.

The all-new model is a 689cc parallel twin to take on the likes of Kawasaki's ER-6N and ER-6F, as well as Suzuki's SFV650 and SV650S.

It makes a claimed 74.8hp and 50.1lbft of torque, and weighs 179kg wet.

On paper those figures out-class the ER-6N, which makes 72.1hp, 47.2lbft and weighs 204kg wet. It also does for the Suzukis, with 71hp, 47.2lbft and kerb weights of 196kg for the SV and 205kg for the SFV.

The MT-07 has a diamond steel frame and right-way-up forks with 130mm of travel.

It's got twin front 282mm brake discs and a 245mm rear. The seat height is 805mm and the fuel tank 14 litres.

Price has yet to be announced but if the £6,799 MT-09 is any guide, it should be competitive.

Yamaha says in a release:

'All-new 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine

'What gives the new MT-07 such a special character is its all-new 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine which has been developed using Yamaha's 'crossplane philosophy'. With an uneven firing interval, the 270-degree crank gives a strong feeling of acceleration and great traction, and the deep linear torque ensures outstanding performance.

'Light and slim tubular backbone frame

'For easy manoeuvrability and remarkable agility, the new MT-07 runs with a light and slim steel backbone-type frame that utilizes the new engine as a stressed member. Combined with its compact wheelbase and plush suspension systems, this strong and light chassis gives a responsive and engaging ride.

'Engineered for optimum riding enjoyment

'This exciting new addition to the MT range has been designed to deliver high levels of riding enjoyment together with a feeling of instant controllability. Chassis dimensions and weight distribution have been carefully set to maximize the enjoyment felt during acceleration and give the rider a connected feel with the motorcycle.

'Responsive performance with affordability and economy

'With its all-new liquid-cooled engine, lightweight backbone frame and cutting-edge style, the MT-07 is a remarkably versatile naked bike that succeeds in combining responsive performance with an affordable price and outstanding fuel economy - making it an ideal motorcycle for both newer and returning riders.

'Mass-forward design and sculpted body

'The new MT-07 is characterized by its mass-forward design that emphasizes its athletic build and creates an immediate feeling of power. The slim fuel tank accentuates the bike's compact looks and offers excellent knee grip - while the lightweight air scoops and aluminium side covers give the MT a sporty and purposeful image.

'Characteristic MT-styling features

'With its angular mirrors, LED tail light and mass-forward body design, there's no mistaking the MT-07's resemblance to the bigger 850cc 3-cylinder MT-09. Other family features include the lightweight cast aluminium10-spoke wheels as well as the Z-shape formed by the air intake-style scoops and the exhaust down pipes.

'Link-type Monocross rear suspension

'The link-type Monocross rear suspension system features a horizontal shock that is mounted directly to the engine’s crankcase to save space and enhance chassis performance. And for a more enjoyable feeling when accelerating, the MT-07 is fitted with a short 530mm swinging arm that enhances the connected feeling between the rider and bike.

'Handlebar-mounted digital instruments

'The high-tech instruments are mounted directly on top of the handlebars to give the rider a clear view of the road ahead. The easy-to-read LED display includes a gear position indicator and fuel gauge, and a bar-type tachometer features its tallest bars in the 4,000 to 8,000 rpm band where the strongest torque can be found.'