QJ Motor's new SRK 700 naked motorcycle is now available

The Chinese manufacturer, QJ Motor, has launched a new 700cc naked bike, the SRK 700, with more than 70 horsepower and a wet weight under 200kg.

QJ Motor SRK 700. - QJ Motor

QJ Motor has released their new distinctive street racer, the SRK 700.

The SRK 700 has been released by QJ Motor, the SRK 700 is a powerful naked bike that has a compact chassis. The handling of the SRK 700 has been optimised for road usage to deal with uneven ground. The way QJ Motor have maximised their handling is due to the high-quality, oil damped upside-down fork and the lying spring strut. Overall, the QJ Motor SRK 700 weighs 196kg with a full fuel tank.

The engine of the QJ Motor has been built to make sure that the motorcycle is built to be a powerful naked sports bike. The SRK 700 has a liquid cooled 2 cylinder in-line engine 4 stroke, with a displacement of 698cc. The SRK 700 has a maximum horsepower of 73.4hp at 8,000rpm and it has a maximum torque of 67Nm at 6,000rpm. QJ Motor also claim that due to the electronic injection system the SRK 700 accelerates powerfully and is an economical bike in terms of fuel consumption. It also features a 2-in-1 exhaust system in a racing style, the exhaust also features a rear silencer which offers a sonorous sound, a sporty look and this makes the bikes centre of gravity lowered. The SRK 700 also features a 15-litre petrol engine.

The SRK 700 features an ABS system on both the front and back brakes, which allows for more powerful braking and offered safe control when braking.

The front brake system features a 320mm double disc brake and the rear brake system features a 260mm single disc brake.

The SRK 700 has a LCD display to allow the rider to see information about speed, rpm, trip master, fuel level, time and gear display.

The QJ Motor SRK 700 is on sale and would cost 6999 euros, which in the UK would equate to £6154.75.

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