Norton Superlight SS adds supercharger, goes on a strict diet

Lighter, more powerful Norton Superlight SS is revealed with a carbonfibre frame and a supercharger raising power levels to 170bhp

Norton Superlight SS

NORTON Motorcycles have announced the latest machine in their sportsbike line-up in the form of the Norton Superlight SS, a supercharged and full-carbon version of the 650cc twin-cylinder platform.

The main talking point of this bike is its carbon-fibre swingarm, subframe, frame, and bodywork. The high-tech manufacture is said to weigh around 47% less than the aluminium framed Superlight that Norton already has in the range. Rounding out the carbon-loveliness is a set of carbon fibre wheels.

The engine of the machine is architecturally the same as the 650cc unit fitted in the standard Superlight, although Norton has used the same running gear and six-speed box as the bigger, vastly more powerful V4 superbike. The move was made to ensure the new machine’s Rotrex supercharger wouldn’t overpower the new machine. The newly supercharged engine is putting out 170bhp and 55ft-lb of torque, quite a step up from the base Superlight’s 105bhp, with the torque figure remaining the same.

Norton crowdfunding for investment

The new bike comes just days after Norton asked motorcyclists and fans of Norton to get behind the company with a crowdfunding campaign. The move was aimed at helping to raise £1m to aid the company with ramping up the production of their latest line of V4 SS superbikes and 650 model ranges.

We’ve heard rumours that the funding for that campaign has been closed as a single donor was found. Those reports are yet to be confirmed although the Crowdcube funding site they were reported to be using is showing no results if you search for Norton.

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