A New Yamaha Tenere is in Development

The Yamaha Tenere could be set for an update as soon as the 2025 model year, according to spy photos which have recently emerged

2023 Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Rally

The Yamaha Tenere 700 looks set to undergo an overhaul in 2025, with revamped bodywork, suspension, and even changes to the engine.

The new bike, which could arrive as early as in time for the 2025 model year, was revealed in spy photos published by Motorrad. They show a bike which is far from completion, but which offers several changes over the current-generation Tenere.

Firstly, the bodywork is redesigned at the front into a one-piece fairing. Its shape is mostly similar, although it extends further backwards towards the bottom, and it all fits around a new headlight.

Look a little further down and you’ll see new air intakes. Positioned between the fairing and the radiator, it’s not currently certain whether these intakes are taking air for cooling or for combustion, but the latter would indicate at least a change in character for the twin-cylinder CP2 engine which is currently fed air via intakes positioned under the seat. In the current-generation Tenere 700, the 689cc parallel-twin produces 73bhp and 50lb ft. With no official information from Yamaha, it must be assumed that these outputs will be mostly, if not completely, unchanged in the new bike.

There is also a new linkage for the rear shock with the assumed objective of creating a more progressive feeling in the rear suspension. 

Current-generation Yamaha Tenere Explore Edition.

Additionally, it is combined with an expected new seat. It’s impossible to tell for sure because Yamaha covered the seat of the prototype in the images, but in doing so it implied that a new one is present. The intention would presumably be to improve the ride of the Tenere.

The rear of the bike is also covered, but there is nothing to suggest any major changes in that area. Overall, the dimensions of the new Tenere are much the same as those of the existing bike.

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