New Motron X-Nord 125 - Follow The M ends with release of a new motorcycle brand

Finally, everything starts making sense. The teasers have ended, Max Deeps found the M in Motron Motorcycles, and there’s a new motorcycle brand for Europe

Motron Motorcycles - Follow The M

MOTRON Motorcycles. It’s the M we’ve been following for the past few weeks and is a brand new motorcycle division from the KSR Group. Did it live up to the supposed hype that was building?

Now that Follow the M has concluded, Max Deeps finally found the bike of his dreams (literally), and now there’s a new motorcycle brand in town. These new bikes & scooters will be aimed at the entry-level and mid-range market, with both traditional combustion motors and electric options - there are three electric scooters & an electric minibike being launched.

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Epsiode 4 ends with a couple of scooters zipping past as well, so there’s more to the range teased already. Looking at the release info, the new brand is launching with a number of other machines ready for launch (and in the pipeline).

The first to hit the road in 2021 will be those electric models (Whizz, Cubertino, Volz & Vizion), all with a top speed of 45kph and priced within €1899 - €2999. 

Motron X-Nord 125 follow the m

This will be followed up in Q2 with the release of the combustion engine motorcycles: the adventure bike X-Nord 125, and the cruiser called Revolver 125 - priced between €2799 to €2999 - with the naked bike Warrior 400 - priced at €4999. With these are the combustion engine scooters, Breezy 50, Ventura 125, Ideo 50 & Ideo 125 - priced between €1499 to €2299.

There’s also future bikes planned for release at the tail end of 2021 - the Nomad 125 & X-Nord 400.

Follow the M reveal - Motron Motorcycles

It’s interesting that the big reveal involved the X-Nord 125 as the main focus, but that motorcycle isn’t quite available for release yet. I suppose Max's ‘Follow the M’ dreams wouldn't exactly suit silently zipping about a city on a Whizz scooter. 

Motron Motorcycles Revolver Warrior Vizion Cubertino

In the image top left to bottom right: Revolver, Warrior, Vizion, Cubertino.

For now, the new Motron Motorcycles (and scooters) will be starting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Greece. The distribution network will expand to other European countries in the course of 2021 - this may, or may not, include the UK (I suppose we’re not in the EU anymore, so maybe not). 


New brands are always great, and with pricing that competitive they are definitely trying to enter the market at the learner-legal level. Some of the models do look quite familiar, in so far as they may literally already exist in other forms on the UK road... 

So I’m not convinced that some of these aren’t just built in the same factories as Lexmoto & Sinnis, then given a different badge for market - basically a ‘yeah you can copy my homework, just don’t make it too obvious’ job.

The Sinnis Terrain looks very familiar to the X-Nord, the electric Vizion looks very similar to the Lexmoto Cypher. The ‘Cubertino’ electric minibike - a Honda Cub, clearly. In fact, squint and you literally can’t tell the difference! I wonder if the Honda Cub 3D patent comes in here. Follow the(m).

Max Deeps Motron Motorcycles X-Nord 125