Updated Honda Super Cub launched

Redesign revealed as production passes 100 million

Updated Honda Super Cub launched

HONDA has revealed a redesigned Super Cub 110 and Super Cub 50 (pictured above) and simultaneously announced that production passed the 100 million mark this month.

That figure is simply astounding, and confirms the Super Cub as by far the most popular bike ever to be built. What’s more, its popularity seems to be increasing. Introduced in 1958 as the SC100, it took until 2005 for Honda to build 50 million of them. Now it’s doubled that number in just 12 years.

The new version of the Super Cub gets reworked styling that looks more like the original 1958 model. Both the 50 and 110cc versions look basically identical. There are also ‘Pro’ versions of both bikes, with a basket on the front, smaller, 14-inch wheels and a larger luggage rack.

All versions get LED headlights and new instruments as well as the restyle. Underneath the technology is the same as ever, with air-cooled 49cc and 109cc singles providing the power. And how many new bikes can you get these days with drum brakes front and rear?

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since the Super Cub has been sold in the UK. That hasn’t dampened its popularity elsewhere, though. Honda now makes them in 16 factories and 15 different countries.

At next week’s Tokyo Motor Show, the Super Cub will be one of the stars. Honda will also reveal a new generation Cross Cub. More importantly, for us at least, there will be a concept version of a new Super Cub 125, which has the potential to eventually see the Super Cub name reintroduced over here. Honda is also expected to put its EV-Cub electric scooter into production next year.

The Super Cub 110

Takahiro Hachigo, President & Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. said: “Honda Super Cub, which was created in Japan, fulfills the expectations of our customers and embodies Honda’s passion to serve people worldwide with the joy of expanding their life’s potential. As a result, the Super Cub series has long been enjoyed by customers all over the world and was able to reach the 100 million-unit milestone in worldwide cumulative production. Honda will continue to evolve in keeping with changes of the times and strive to offer products that go beyond the expectations of our customers.”