Tazzari Group acquires Italian Volt - the modular electric motorcycle company

Imola based Tazzari Group expanding their range with the takeover of Italian Volt, the electric motorcycle manufacturer.

Tazzari takeover of Italian Volt Lacama

ELECTRIC news, the Tazzari Group is expanding their electric range with the acquisition of Italian Volt, which is known in Europe for their modular Lacama electric motorcycle concept.

The Tazzari Group has been designing and manufacturing electric city cars from their plant in Imola, the heart of Motor City, and were first on the market in January 2010 with their Zero project coming to fruition (after 4 years of development). 

Erik Tazzari, CEO of Tazzari Group, was quoted

"We have completed the transfer of Italian Volt's assets to the Tazzari plant in Imola, which has been developing and manufacturing the Tazzari Zero electric city cars and related technologies that Tazzari EV sells worldwide for years."

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The takeover of Italian Volt means all assets will be transferred to the Imola plant, and the ultimate goal is to bring the Lacama electric motorcycle project into the “next phase of final development” and get it ready for production. 

What is the Italian Volt Lacama electric motorcycle?

Translating as ‘chameleon’, the Lacama is a concept electric motorcycle with a massive amount of potential. First seen at Goodwood in 2018, it’s no secret that every manufacturer is now looking towards electric power, so distinguishing yourself in an up-and-coming market can be difficult. The Lacama attempts to get its nose in front by using 3D printing technology to provide a variety of alternative configurations - you could arguably create your perfect motorcycle. 

It’s a blending together of two “future tech” fields - 3D printing & electric vehicles, where 3D printing brings an unlimited amount of modular potential to the table. Fancy a different fairing, seat setup (1 or 2 seats), or entirely different style for the weekend? Get it printed and put on the bike. It’s like a chameleon! Oh, it all makes sense now. 

The Lacama concept bike promises some impressive stats: 0-60 in under 4 seconds, a max speed of touching 125mph in ‘Rocket!’ mode, Brembo brakes, integrated GPS and TFT display, aluminium cast frame, and a max range of 125 miles in Eco mode. 

With all the history and manufacturing power of the Tazzari group, hopefully the Lacama will be given some legs in the market, and us here at Visordown are very interested to see what happens going forward.