New Husqvarna Nuda spotted?

First spy shot revealed of a beefed up Nuda 900

HUSQVARNA seem to be looking to bolster their burgeoning on-road segment with a version of the Nuda 900 in touring garb. 

First hitting the web over at, a members-only Ducati forum, the picture clearly reveals that the Nuda has been on the growth hormones.

Obvious changes appear to be a larger top fairing, wider saddle and taller windscreen. There is also the hint of some lower bodywork and crashbar, suggesting a tipped hat to the adventure/touring market. No details or specifications yet, but based on their current sales trends a Nuda-in-a-touring-frock might be a common sense move.

Husqvarna sales were up a strong 15.7% in 2012, however a closer look at the figures reveals that without sales of their on-road models, Husqvarna’s 2012 numbers would actually have exposed a 19% sales loss. A new touring Nuda might be just the ticket to offset further implosion of their traditional off-road market.