New Honda CBR250RR teaser video

New video shows production version of Honda's highly anticipated quarter-litre sportsbike

WE’VE just discovered this new promotional video for the Honda CBR250RR, published today on the Motorcycles Dreams YouTube account before being officially released by Honda.

It's our best look yet at the finished bike, and gives us a good chance to eyeball the digital instrumentation and shotgun-style exhaust, which we saw last week on the front cover of Japanese magazine Young Machine, accompanied by today's date.

Other details include the 'CBR' writing on the rear of the tail unit, red logos and accents on the seat unit and under the front lights, along with the 'Throttle-by-wire' decal under the tank - which points to the possibility of multiple riding modes, now de rigueur on a sportsbike.

And based on aesthetics alone, the CBR250RR looks exactly like a sportsbike should because it's stayed true to the concept we first saw last year and retained those sharp, angular, aggressive lines. It looks fast and uncompromising and should have the Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and KTM RC390 running for the hills when it launches.

When it does land in Europe and America, the CBR250RR's parallel twin engine is like to have a capacity hike to put it on par with the bikes we've just mentioned - somewhere in the region of 300cc is likely and with the rumour being that production is due to start next month, it's highly likely we'll see a launch at the end of this year or start of 2017 prior to it becoming part of Honda's range next year.

Now that momentum is picking up, we're certain to get some more details regarding specification in the coming weeks.