Revealed: Honda’s 250cc supersport

The Yamaha R3 better look out

HONDA is to reveal this multi-cylinder miniature supersports machine as a concept at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show but it’s effectively a preview of a new CBR250RR.

We’ve mentioned the bike before and the real thing seems to be pretty much what we’re expecting. Honda has released no details at all apart from a one-paragraph description saying: 'Designed with the key phrase “strong presence,” this next-generation super sport concept model and features a look possessing a sense of speed that comes from its long nose and low crouching position. The combination of a plane architecture, which indicates the sense of hardness and solidity, and sharp edges emphasize the aggressive look of this model. Moreover, the exterior featuring matte-black-based low-contrast graphics expresses beauty and the remarkable form.'

A closer inspection of the sole picture of the bike that’s been released suggests that yes, it appears to be a parallel-twin – which matches rumours from earlier this year – and that it’s not far at all from being a production reality. The suspension and brakes are all pretty much on a par with the kit used on the Yamaha R3, and there’s a trellis frame behind that sharp bodywork. It’s even easy enough to see where the headlights will go on the production model.

For European markets, it makes sense that the bike – sure to be a 250 in Asia – will be stretched to 300cc or even 350cc.

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Honda rules the 250cc bikes segment, but now there are other brands that are coming up with new bikes. Recently the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R was launched and it is a four-cylinder bike, sounds insane right. Now Yahama is also planning to bring a 4-Cylinder 250cc bike in the market soon. The 250cc bikes segment is going to heat up and a lot of new bikes will be revealed from the top brands. But still, the Honda CBR 250RR is the perfect 250cc that balances power, equipment and practicality. Anyway a four-cylinder 250cc bike sound overkill.

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