New Euro 5 updates 2021 Kymco AK 550 - a seriously kitted out maxi-scooter

New updates 2021, with a Euro 5 compliant motor and new electronic throttle, this Kymco AK 550 maxi-scooter could still be a giant slayer.

Kymco AK 550 2021 blue

KYMCO has announced their updates to the popular (and its flagship) maxi-scooter model, with the AK 550 coming in to Euro 5 club along with a few updates, including a new Electronic Throttle Control. 

This Taiwanese scooter is aiming for the very top, with sights set on the Yamaha TMAX, Suzuki Burgman and Honda Forza, it could well be a cheaper option (€2,000 cheaper than a TMAX) with a ‘class-leading’ low centre of gravity with a near 50/50 weight distribution front & rear. 

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Euro 5 compliancy has meant a slight drop in peak output power, with the 2021 model reportedly reaching 51 bhp @ 7,500 rpm from the 550 cc inline twin motor, down from 53.5 bhp - with torque numbers staying at 55.64 Nm @ 5,500 rpm. In comparison, the TMAX produces around 46 bhp from the 560cc motor. It can still be restricted for A2 riders, of course.

Also new is the Electronic Throttle Control, which Kymco say will help keep power output smooth at the low end - ideal for those riding in towns and cities with the CVT transmission. Metzeler FeelFree hoops are fitted on the 15 inch rims as standard, with radial Brembo discs and Bosch 9.1 ABS. Tech gadgets are there too, with a really nice and clear dash with integrated display (GPS!), and heated grips. 

Kymco AK 550 - a giant slayer?

Tank size is 12.5 litres, which appears to have dropped from the 15 litres of the previous model. Despite a smaller tank, dry weight has increased by 4kg to 230kg. 785mm seat height, so still accessible to all riders - and perfect for going two-up, inverted forks at the front and a pre-load adjustable rear.

Available in a lovely matte black and matte blue (the matte blue is really nice), the price in euros is set at €9,999 (£8,643)- and it’s as yet unclear if we’ll see the new and updated Kymco AK 550 in the UK. But we can live in hope that the current model we have over here is updated! If it is, the price is likely to stay at the currently listed £8,899.