Suzuki GSX-S1000 is on the way, Ready to Strike on the 26th April

It seems like a new Suzuki naked bike will even have little winglets! What can we expect from the new updates?

Suzuki GSX-S1000 2021

SUZUKI has shown a teaser for the new GSX-S1000, with a few glimpses at new features including a tiered LED headlight design (which really reminds us of the MT), and little winglets!

We’ve been waiting for an update to the naked range from Suzuki for quite a while, and the teaser is all about “the beauty of naked aggression” - this has all come out of nowhere, really.

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Radical updates are fairly limited when it comes to Suzuki over the years, but the times they are a changing - maybe. With the V-Strom 1050 receiving an update a couple of years back that implements design elements from the DR-Z prototype desert racer and DR-Big with Euro 5 compliance, and the Hayabusa leading the way with some sensible updates to their big ol’ ‘Busa.

What can we expect from a new naked Suzuki flagship?

No doubt Euro 5 updates to the engine will be on the way, an inline-4 unit currently sitting at 999cc with 150 bhp and around 80 ft-lb of torque - and a new slipper clutch in 2017. With the V-Strom and Hayabusa focusing on giving more grunt to the low and mid-range, the 2021 GSX-S1000 will likely follow suit.

Style and design updates are all but confirmed, with the teaser showing the new headlight housing of stacked LEDs, updated tank styling and a small glimpse at the mini wings that are popping up on all the latest bikes. So aesthetics will no doubt be on the top of the list, maybe we’ll even be treated to a quickshifter and auto-blipper as standard.

But, that’s where the river runs dry - we won’t know more about what’s planned for the GSX-S1000 until April 26th, so stay tuned!

Watch the full video here, prepare to be well and truly teased.