OFFICIAL: Honda Forza 750, all the specs, features, and details

The Honda Forza 750 has been officially announced for 2021, here are the official pictures, specs and details of the new model

2021 Honda Forza 750

WE’VE seen the teaser videos and heard the rumours, and now here is the official announcement of the new 2021 Honda Forza 750.

A new model it may be, but the Forza slots in at the top of a readymade range of sporty machines. The Forza 125 and 300 have been a meteoric success globally, developing something of a cult following with urban travellers.

Next year though, the Forza range goes big-bore as the 2021 750 joins the party. Here’s everything we know about the bike.

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 Honda Forza 750 engine

  • Peak power of 54bhp, with 51lb-ft torque and 7,000rpm redline
  • Throttle-By-Wire engine management
  • Euro5 compliant, with 65mpg possible
  • 35kW A2 licence version available

It’s no surprise to hear that the engine from the Forza is basically the same as the current Integra and X-ADV machines. It runs the same bore and stroke, capacity, and compressions ratio. Power though is up slightly on both those models, rising from 54bhp to 57.7bhp with torque rising marginally to 51lb-ft.

Highlighting the sporty nature of the bike is the addition of riding modes. Standard delivers a balanced middle point between engine power delivery, engine braking and HSTC (traction control), with high ABS. Sport gives more aggressive engine power delivery and braking, with low HSTC intervention and high ABS. Rain dulls down the engine power, delivery, and braking, with high HSTC and ABS input. USER offers custom options of low, medium, high between engine power and engine braking as well as low, medium, high, and off for HSTC.

As anyone who has ridden or owned the 750cc parallel-twin will know, it’s an extremely frugal engine. Looking at Honda’s claimed economy figures and fuel tank size should mean a range of getting on for 250 mile is on the cards – if ridden carefully!

Forza 750 gets DCT

  • Differing shifting schedules employed depending on riding mode selected
  • USER mode allows choice of 4 settings, from smooth to aggressive

As with both the X-ADV and Integra, the Forza 750 gains Honda’s slick DCT transmission with six speeds. This means riders can either leave it in drive and let the bike select the cogs, or flick through the gears using the switches on the handlebar.

Now in its eleventh year of use in Honda’s two-wheelers, the DCT system in the Forza is a massive leap forward from what we saw on the early bikes. Linking through the ride-by-wire throttle, the DCT has three shifting schedules and one User mode. Level 1 is the most relaxed and shifts early, with Level 4 being the most aggressive. Level 4 will see the bike holding onto the revs longer and changing down earlier.


The Forza is fitted with the same front end braking setup as the X-ADV, meaning twin discs and radially mounted Nissin four-piston calipers, and a two-channel ABS system.

The suspension comes in the form of 41mm forks up front, and a mono-shock and pro-link at the rear. Both are non-adjustable and offer 120mm of travel.

Other features

  • GT styling provides weather protection for rider and pillion
  • 22L storage space includes a USB charger
  • Honda Smartphone Voice Control
  • All lighting is LED
  • Ignition, lock operation, and seat opening via Smart Key

Honda Smartphone Voice Control

Incorporated into the Forza 750 rider interface and viewed through the 5-inch TFT display is the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system which links the rider to their smartphone while on the move and allows voice management of phone calls, email, music, and navigation. A helmet-mounted headset is needed and the smartphone connects to the dash via Bluetooth; the system is controlled through the left-hand switch cube.

Honda Forza 750 specs



Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cylinder



Bore & Stroke

77mm x 80mm

Compression Ratio

10.7 : 1

Max. Power Output

54bhp @ 6,750rpm

Max. Torque

51lb-ft @ 4,750rpm(65/4,000rpm)

Oil Capacity




PGM-FI electronic fuel injection

Fuel Tank Capacity

13.2 litres

Fuel Consumption

3.6L/100km (65mpg)




Battery Capacity


ACG Output



Clutch Type

Wet multiplate hydraulic 2-clutch

Transmission Type

6-speed dual clutch transmission

Final Drive




Diamond; steel pipe


Dimensions (L´W´H)

2200m x 790mm x 1484mm



Caster Angle




Seat Height


Ground Clearance


Kerb Weight



Type Front

φ41mm USD,120mm stroke

Type Rear

Monoshock damper, Pro-Link swingarm, 120mm travel


Type Front

Spoke Wheel

Type Rear

Spoke Wheel

Rim Size Front

17M/C x MT3.50

Rim Size Rear

15M/C x MT4.50

Tyres Front


Tyres Rear



ABS System Type

2-channel ABS

Type Front

310mm double hydraulic disc with radial 4-piston caliper