New electric motorcycle Davinci DC100 set for Europe in 2023

Davinci, a Chinese manufacturer, is ready to launch its first electric motorcycle in Europe. The DC100 will arrive in the second half of 2023.

Davinci DC100

Davinci Motor has announced its first electric motorcycle for the European market after having already established itself in its native China.

Davinci launched the DC100 back in 2021 in China, and almost two years later it is ready to bring it to Europe. 

The DC100 is an electric motorcycle with a look that can be described as intriguing, certainly. 

Objectively speaking it is a curious design if nothing else, and one which will stand out even among the other orange bikes of Europe.

Beneath the exterior, the technology of the DC100 was developed by Davinci in conjunction with Tsinghua University in Beijing. 

The DC100 therefore incorporates some interesting electronic solutions, such as an incline assist which can help the rider keep control at low speed (5kph uphill, 7kph downhill), and a reverse assist.

Additionally, the DC100 does not have a dashboard, but instead the rider can download the Davinci app which turns the phone into an interactive dashboard when it is placed in the motorcycle’s phone holder.

In terms of performance, the DC100 has a maximum torque output of 850Nm, a maximum power output of 100kW (135 horsepower) and a Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) range of 357km (222 miles), thanks in part to a regenerative braking system that Davinci refers to as a “kinetic energy recovery system,” or “KERS”, which is what F1 used to call their energy recovery system in the final years of the naturally aspirated V8s before the V6 hybrids were introduced in 2014.

There is no ABS on the DC100, but it does make use of CBS, while the traction control is informed by 200 sensors, and the bike’s firmware can be updated remotely, like a Tesla. 

Davinci plans to introduce self-balance, remote control, and self-riding technology to the DC100 in the future. Additionally, it plans to make its Application Programming Interface open-source.

When it arrives in Europe, the Davinci DC100 will cost a not insignificant €26,000, and deliveries are expected between the second and third quarter of 2023.

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