New colours and styling changes for Indian and Victory 2016 range

Plus new wheels for Victory Vegas, Vegas 8-Ball and Hammer 8-Ball

INDIAN and Victory Motorcycles have just revealed updates to their 2016 models consisting mainly of new colours and styling tweaks.

The biggest changes are to Victory’s 1731cc V-twin cruisers the Vegas and Vegas 8-Ball. They get ‘lighter and stronger’ cast aluminium wheels, a ‘sleeker’ round headlight and colour-matched frame.

Among the rest of the Victory’s cruiser range, the Judge comes in a new ‘sunset red with black rally stripes’ paint scheme and the Hammer 8-Ball gets the wheels of the higher-spec Hammer S.

Victory’s Magnum bagger comes in two new colour options described as ‘black crystal over havasu red’ and ‘suede pearl white with black’. The new schemes feature stripes running from fairing to tail.

Indian has revealed new colours for the Scout, Chief range and Roadmaster. The Scout now comes in a ‘wildfire red’ scheme. New options in the Chief range are ‘pearl white’ for the Chief Classic, ‘star silver and thunder black’ for the Chief Vintage and ‘silver smoke’ for the Chieftain.

The Roadmaster now comes in three new schemes: ‘storm grey and thunder black, blue diamond and springfield blue ivory cream’.

See the new schemes in the gallery under this story.

Victory and Indian’s parent company Polaris announced the updates in press releases which included:

Victory Motorcycles



The Vegas 8-Ball (all-black) and the Vegas have had the biggest changes this year. Each has an improved round headlight and colour-matched frames. Victory has also upgraded the wheels for each model, fitting cast aluminium axe design ‘Falchion’ wheels. These are lighter and stronger. The painted frame adds a custom touch, but not a gram of weight. A new, sleeker headlight further slims the profile. The Vegas 8-Ball comes in Gloss Black and the Vegas is only on sale in Sunset Red.

•           106 cubic inch Freedom® V-Twin (1731cc)

•           139Nm at 2,800rpm

•           6-speed overdrive transmission

•           17 litre tank

•           Solo seat

•           640mm seat height

•           21 x 2.15” front wheel with a Dunlop D418F Elite 3 tyre

•           18 x 5.5” rear wheel with a Dunlop D417 tyre

•           297kg dry weight


This is one of Victory Motorcycles’ sportiest models and one of the best-selling Victory bikes in EMEA region in 2015. The Judge is recognisable out of the other cruisers from the race number ‘106’ on the side with the 106 referring to the engine capacity in cubic inches. This year it’s on sale in a new colour – Sunset Red with Black Rally Stripes.

·         106 cubic inch Freedom V-Twin (1731cc)

·         139 Nm at 2,800rpm

·         6-speed overdrive transmission

·         17.8 litre tank

·         Two-up seating

·         658mm seat height

·         18 x 3.5” front wheel with a Dunlop 491 E2-RWL tyre

·         18 x 8.5” rear wheel with a Dunlop 491 E2-RWL tyre

·         300kg dry weight

·         ABS standard


The Hammer S is on sale only in Black with Red Rally Stripes this year. Its sister bike, the Hammer 8-Ball (8-Ball versions are always completely black), gains the same wheels of the “S” but keeps its footpegs in a forward position, so this is the cruiser to choose for those who want the classic American cruiser riding position. The Hammer S has dual front discs for a more aggressive riding style while the Hammer 8-Ball has a single disc.  

·         106 cubic inch Freedom® V-Twin (1731cc)

·         139 Nm at 2,800rpm

·         6-speed overdrive transmission

·         17 litre tank

·         Two-up seating

·         673mm seat height (Hammer S) and 660mm (Hammer 8-Ball)

·         18 x 3.5” front wheel with a Dunlop D418F Elite 3 tyre

·         18 x 8.5” rear wheel with a Dunlop D418F Elite 3 tyre

·         306kg (Hammer S) 303kg (Hammer 8-Ball) dry weight



The Magnum is the boldest bagger ever put into production. For 2016 it has had the biggest makeover in the range with new paint-schemes that have stripes running from the fairing to the tail. The Magnum will come in three colour options with two of these completely new for 2016. The two new schemes are Black Crystal over Havasu Red and Suede Pearl White with Black. The third colour is Black Crystal over Super Steel Grey.

·         106 cubic inch Freedom® V-Twin (1731cc)

·         127Nm at 2,500rpm

·         6-speed overdrive transmission

·         22 litre tank

·         Two-up seating

·         654mm seat height

·         21 x 3.5" front wheel with a Dunlop D418F Elite 3

·         16 x 5.0" with a Dunlop D418 Elite 3 tyre

·         363kg dry weight

·         ABS standard

Here’s the MY16 full line-up and colours:


Hammer 8-Ball                     Gloss Black

Hammer S                             Black with Red Racing Stripes

High-Ball                               Matte Black

Gunner                                   Suede Sagebrush Green Metallic

Gunner                                   Suede Titanium Metallic

Judge                                    Sunset Red with Black Rally Stripes

Vegas 8-Ball                                     Gloss Black

Vegas                                     Sunset Red


Cross Country                       Havasu Red Pearl

Magnum                                Black Crystal over Super Steel Gray

Magnum                                Black Crystal over Havasu Red

Magnum                                Suede Pearl White and Black


Cross Country Tour             Gloss Black

Cross Country Tour             Gloss Pearl White over Supersteel Gray

Vision                                     Gloss Black

Indian Motorcycle

2016 Scout

There has been huge demand for this middle-weight cruiser in the EMEA region. With its compact design, low 643mm seat height and ABS as standard, the Indian Scout is the perfect multipurpose bike for any rider. Its liquid-cooled 1133cc V-twin engine has a usable 100hp of performance and a sound that will bring a smile to your face every time you ride.

For 2016 the Scout comes in five colours.

Wildfire Red – NEW

Thunder Black

Thunder Black Smoke

Silver Smoke

Indian Motorcycle Red


2016 Chief Dark Horse | Chief Classic | Chief Vintage | Chieftain

For 2016, Indian Motorcycle continues to sell its award-winning Indian Chief models, delivering the power, handling, unmatched engineering and stunning beauty of the industry’s hottest heavyweight cruisers and baggers.

The Indian Chief family has impeccable styling and sophisticated performance. The proven Thunder Stroke 111 engine powers them all (an air-cooled version is on the Chief Dark Horse, Classic and Vintage), but each model has its own character and style.

Riders can opt for the Chief Classic (cruiser) with its classic looks, much cleaner now following some re-work carried out for 2016: solo vinyl seat, black switches, single headlight and cast aluminium wheels. It now also only comes in one colour; Pearl White.

Next there’s the Chief Vintage (bagger) with its beautiful fringed leather saddlebags and seats, and quick-release windshield (all as standard) making this the option for those who plan to ride on extended road trips. Four colours are available with one of these being new for 2016.

The Chieftain (bagger) has a large fairing with a power-adjustable windscreen (to offer superb cruising comfort), genuine leather seats and hard saddlebags with remote central-locking. It’s available in four colours in 2016 with two of these new.

The colour options for all of the Chief models this year are:

Chief Classic         Pearl White – NEW

Chief Vintage        Star Silver and Thunder Black – NEW

                                  Thunder Black

Indian Motorcycle Red

Willow Green and Ivory Cream

Chieftain                 Silver Smoke - NEW

Star Silver and Thunder Black - NEW

Thunder Black

Indian Motorcycle Red

Chief Dark Horse Thunder Black Smoke

2016 Roadmaster

The Roadmaster is the industry’s most luxurious American touring motorcycle and is the epitome of comfort for long distance cruising. With the peace-of-mind reliability of the Thunder Stroke 111 engine and 143 litres of premium storage space, the industry’s leading touring bike delivers luxury features like a power-adjustable windscreen, heated grips, dual-heated genuine leather seats, ABS, tyre pressure monitoring system, keyless ignition with remote locking storage, electronic cruise control, an advanced infotainment system and Bluetooth capability for the ultimate in connectivity.

The Roadmaster is available in five colour options with three of these new:

Storm Grey and Thunder Black – NEW

Blue Diamond – NEW

Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream - NEW

Thunder Black

Indian Motorcycle Red / Ivory Cream’

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