Living with a Victory Hammer S review

We loved the Victory Hammer S so much after the test we didn’t want to give it back. We still don’t!

November 2009

Back in the August 2009 issue, we tested the new Victory Hammer S against a Harley-Davidson V Rod Muscle. The Victory absolutely hammered (arf!) the Harley in every department apart from speed. In looks, presence, sound, style, paint and just total outright coolness, it won the day hands-down. So we asked Victory if we could keep it for the summer, and they said yes.

So during the last 3 months, the Hammer S has been ridden by everyone in all sorts of situations and everyone, absolutely everyone, has come away impressed. Nothing has gone wrong on the bike, the paint is still unmarked and the chrome gleams like new. Build quality on this bike is exceptional. Our bikes are kept in an underground carpark in central London, and every time one of the security guards come over to chat, without fail they single out the Victory for comment. “Lovely bike, that. Gorgeous. That’s the one I want, man,” they’ll say, before standing and looking at the bike for 60 seconds without speaking.

The Hammer S has that effect on people. It’s so long, so beautiful, that people assume it’s a one-off special and look on agog. To ride, the monumental 250-section rear Dunlop is getting seriously squared off and makes the mighty Hammer even more ponderous in the corners. It doesn’t handle badly as stock, but you just need to be aware of the width of the rear tyre and steer with a firm hand.

The noise is still shattering, we never get used to it. Two massive pistons slapping up and down through open pipes, 1.7 litres in total and with absolute street presence. It’s a glorious noise that even people who hate bikes can’t dislike.

On the warm days of our patchy summer, the Victory has been pure joy. Used mostly for trans-London beat-ups but equally capable of chugging long-distance rides, the Hammer has impressed us all to the core. Apart from sportsbike-loving Rob Hoyles, who has refused to ride it. In case he likes it, I reckon...

DATE RECEIVED: 8th June 2009


TOTAL MILEAGE: 4,346 miles