MV Agusta unveils 2022 Reparto Corse range, with F3, Turismo Veloce and Dragster

MV Agusta has unveiled its 2022 Reparto Corse range, with the Turismo Veloce, Dragster and F3 all receiving the “RC” treatment.

2022 MV Agusta RC range.

Long-term fans of MV Agusta and/or WorldSBK will recognise the Reparto Corse name as essentially the ‘racing department’ of the famous Italian brand. These “RC” editions of the aforementioned MV road bikes are therefore ‘tuned up’ versions of the standard bikes. 


We will start in the place that seems to make the most sense: the F3. This is the motorcycle that Bahattin Sofuoglu and Niki Tuuli race in the Supersport World Championship, and is essentially the flagship sports bike of MV Agusta without the presence of the F4 anymore.

For the 2022 RC edition, the “front forks have an advanced titanium nitride (TiN) coating to reduce friction, wheels that are 10% lighter, resulting in a moment of inertia reduction of 7%,” MV says.

From the engine, MV have squeezed 147 horsepower and 88Nm, and to help you control it they have equipped a traction control system with eight different settings, and a four-level torque control. 

Once all of the power is unleashed, and if you nail the upshifts with the electronic quickshifter, the F3 RC will reach a top speed of 149.1mph.

The F3 RC weighs 173kg, and stopping that from 149.1mph are two 320mm front discs with four-piston radial callipers from Brembo. Then, at the rear, there is a single 220mm disc with a dual-piston calliper, also from Brembo. Electronically, the F3 RC is equipped with cornering ABS which also monitors rear wheel height.

Stepping away from the brakes and we find at the front a set of 43mm USD telescopic forks supplied by Marzocchi which feature that aforementioned titanium nitride friction-reducing coating. 

Then, at the rear, there is a single shock absorber from Sachs which features rebound, compression and preload adjustment. Connecting the shock to the rear wheel is an aluminium swingarm. 

Dragster RC

Now, we will move onto the Dragster RC, which features the same titanium nitride coating on 43mm Marzocchi USD telescopic forks. At the rear, again we find a Sachs single shock absorber with adjustable preload, compression and rebound, as well as an aluminium swingarm.

The brakes are also the same as on the F3 RC, with dual 320mm front discs and four-piston radial callipers from Brembo; and a single 220mm disc with a two-piston radial calliper at the rear. Additionally, the ABS system is the same as the F3. 

An addition, though, to the Dragster RC compared to the F3 RC is a parking brake.

On the engine side, the Dragster RC is seven horsepower down on the F3 RC, with 140hp. It also produces one less Newton-metre with 87 compared to the F3’s 88.

However, the Dragster RC is five kilograms lighter than the F3 RC, so the top speed is actually 2.5mph faster at 151.6mph. This, of course, fits the name “Dragster” quite well. 

Turismo Veloce RC

Finally, the Turismo Veloce RC. It features the same 800cc triple as the other two, but only 110 horsepower. Of course, the Turismo Veloce is not a straight performance bike, and comfort over long distances is more important than outright speed. Still, 84Nm means it lacks little twisting power.

It will need that twisting power to pull the 199kg that it weighs (dry), and that of course will only be added to by filling the 21.5-litre fuel tank. 

When fully unleashed, the Turismo Veloce will reach 143mph, and when required to stop it will call on dual 320mm discs with four-piston radial callipers from Brembo, like the other two. At the rear, the brakes remain the same, too, with a single 220mm disc and dual-piston Brembo radial calliper. Again, the cornering ABS also features the rear wheel lift detection, and there is also the parking brake that is present on the Dragster.

All three of these “RC” editions are limited in numbers. For the Dragster and Turismo Veloce, there are 300 units in total, and for the F3 there are 200.

Additionally, for the Dragster and F3 versions there are “Racing Kits” available. These offer additional engine maps, lower weight, and different exhausts. For the Dragster, the exhaust comes from SC-Project, and from the F3 it comes from Akrapovic.

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