Morini Scrambler ‘Purple Rain’

Latest factory custom from Italian boutique brand

IT would take a certain amount of blind faith to buy a Moto Morini – the bikes look great but you’d be forgiven for having nagging doubts about the firm’s financial footing.

Those brave [or barmy] enough to overcome those fears seem to get a lot for their money, though, and never more so than on the firm’s range of ‘factory custom’ machines, which get extras thrown at them for no extra cost.

Purple might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but buyers of the Morini Scrambler 1200 ‘Purple Rain’ can be guaranteed a level of exclusivity above and beyond that already guaranteed to any Morini owner. You won’t find yourself parking next to an identical bike too often.

For €10,900 (around £9200) you get the bike plus more than €2000-worth of free kit, both bolt-on bits for the machine and goodies for yourself. The lengthy freebie list includes various chrome-plated bits, including chrome cam and clutch covers, leather panniers, a headlight guard and bash-plate for the bike, plus branded kit including a backpack, a waterproof jacket, a sweater and even a pair of trousers.