More images surface of the new Kawasaki powered Bimota KB4

Another rendering has appeared that seems to show the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 powered Bimota KB4 looking pretty sweet

Bimota KB4

SINCE Kawasaki bought a 49% stake in the historic motorcycle maker Bimota, the world of two wheels has been waiting patiently to see what this unusual partnership will unfurl.

The first bike, the Tesi H2, was a typical design study by the Rimini-based brand, a piece of shock and awe PR that got the motorcycle world's attention. With the development of that bike still ongoing, you can see some pictures and video of the prototype here, most of the world doesn’t need a 200+ bhp superbike with a funky front end and Blade Runner aesthetics.

And it seems that Bimota – and their new bedfellows Kawasaki – understands this, as it seems that the design and styling of the second bike to arrive from Bimota is well on the way.

It’s difficult to tell is these are inhouse renderings completed by the Bimota factory or styling house, or if this is a self-styled motorcycle designer making merry with Photoshop in their home office. Whatever it is, the final result is a pretty stunning looking machine.

Teaser video of the Kawasaki powered Bimota KB4

It’s clearly based around the Z 1000 (and Z 1000 SX) engine, meaning it has around 140bhp and 80ft-lb of torque from the silky-smooth inline four-cylinder engine. From there, we’d expect the bike to be pure Bimota, focussing on the riding experience and handling. That means a full complement of top-spec Öhlins front and rear and the obligatory Brembo stoppers at both ends.

Would it be quick enough to mix it the 1000cc sportsbikes on a track day, probably. Would I ever take anything that pretty and exclusive on a track with other riders around me – no way!