Max Biaggi aiming for 200mph on 367bhp Voxan streamlined motorcycle

Ex GP and WSBK racing legend Max Biaggi is looking to hit over 200mph riding a modified Voxan electric motorcycle

Max Biaggi aiming for 200mph on 367bhp Voxan streamlined motorcycle

MOTOGP and World Superbike legend, Max Biaggi, is looking to add world speed records to his bulging trophy cabinet, as he sets his sights on an electric motorcycle speed record, with Voxan providing the hardware.

For a rider that grew up on circuits like Mugello, speed is second nature to Biaggi, although his next achievement might take even him outside his comfort zone. Biaggi is working with French electric motorcycle manufacturer Voxan to try and have a crack at the electric motorcycle land speed record.

Looking to crack 200mph, Voxan has created Biaggi a bike that has some outstanding performance figures, even for an electric machine. The frame of the bike is a fairly regular tubular affair, but from there, the bike uses a host of chassis and motor innovations to help it succeed.

Upfront is a dual-arm, single-sided front suspension set up, with another single-sided swingarm at the rear. No brakes are used upfront, the Voxan will have a few miles to slow down on the Bolivian salt flats, although bike does have a rear brake, with Biaggi also able to regulate the engine braking by moving a small handlebar-mounted lever.

Another key innovation on the streamliner is the use of dry ice to help cool the electronics of the machine. The dry ice is used to cool water that is pumped around the motor to maintain optimum operating conditions.

Thanks to the dry ice cooling and a 140kg(!) 15kWh lithium-ion battery, the Voxan is claimed to produce 367bhp and a mind-boggling 970Nm (715lb-ft) of torque!

For a machine capable of such speeds and with such a large amount of power and torque on tap, you’d expect the machine to be running some super-stick tyres made from unobtanium and unicorn tears, but you’d be very wrong. The bike is going to hit the salt on Michelin Pilot RS hoops that have been rated at speeds of up to 217mph!

So, all we really want to see now is Biaggi on his Voxan lining up next to Guy Martin on his supercharged Hayabusa!

We’d pay to see that!